Eureka Picosecond Laser


Communication Component Characterization

  • High speed detectors need the short 100 fsec pulses of our Mendocino passively mode locked system
  • Higher frequency systems could use the high repetition rate of our Eureka actively mode locked system. Eureka lasers can operate up to 40 GHz right out of the laser, or even up to 640 GHz with our BRM module.
  • QPSK network transmission can use our high repetition rate Eureka lasers
  • Optical Amplifiers – low dispersion, low distortion, short pulse amplifiers for channel amplification are available with our Coronado line.
  • Narrow Band Amplification is also possible with our Coronado line.
  • DWDM metro – high frequency as source or clock with Eureka, amplified with Coronado
  • Low Jitter High Speed Optical Sampling – low jitter…Mendocino for short pulses; Eureka for high frequency
  • Optical Switching - Mendocino for short pulses; Eureka for high frequency

Other Applications

Please email [email protected] for other applications.