Company Values

Calmar Laser first developed femtosecond fiber technology while serving research, development, and educational market during its early stage. Now femtosecond fiber laser technology is maturing and entering into large industrial applications with rapid market growth.

Calmar Laser is a California company with the Silicon Valley spirit, in which a small company with a new leading edge technology pursues a growing new market, the company achieves its success and its employees also enjoy the working and financial reward—“the California dream”. As a California company, Calmar Laser welcomes talented and motivated individuals from all over the world to join the team and pursue their dreams.

Calmar Laser has evolved over years into a unique environment where the trust and respect for individuals create the teamwork to fuel meaningful innovation. Calmar is achieving its success by focusing on leading edge technology which is enabling market growth in new application segments.

Calmar Laser is an equal employment opportunity employer.

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