With 30 µJ pulse energy, 370 fs pulse width, a M2<1.1, and tunable PRF and pulse width, the Cazadero offers a reliable, cost-effective alternative to solid state laser amplifiers for biomedical, scientific, and research applications.

Cazadero – High Pulse Energy Fiber Based Femtosecond Laser (FLCPA)

Cazadero Femtosecond Laser

The fiber laser based chirped pulse amplification system (FLCPA) generates high energy (up to 30 µJ) ultrashort (<0.5 ps) pulses at a repetition rate of 100s of KHz for either 1 or 1.5 µm wavelengths. The Green (515 nm) and UV (343 nm) and options of 1030 nm Cazadero.

The fiber laser based chirped pulse amplification system (FLCPA) starts with a 25 MHz passively mode-locked seed fiber laser, sampled down to a pulse rate of 120 kHz or higher. The short pulse is time-stretched by frequency (chirped) for amplification through a high power fiber amplifier stage at lower peak intensity. Up to 30 µJ of short pulse energy is delivered into free space. The wavelength can be selected in C-band (~1550 nm) or at 1 µm wavelengths. The typical pulse width is 500 fs. The repetition rate can be adjusted up to 4000 KHz, depending on pulse energy, with average output power approaching 4 Watts. An RF synchronization output is provided as a trigger signal. This FLCPA is lightweight, compact, and maintenance free offering a reliable cost-effective alternative to solid state fs laser amplifiers.

Model Number FLCPA-05U FLCPA-01C
Minimum Pulse Width*
Central Wavelength (nm)
1030 (515, 343)**
Average Power (W)
Repetition Rate (kHz)
Pulse Energy (µJ)
Polarization Extinction Ratio
Output Beam (mm)
Free space, diameter 3 (typical), M2<1.2
Operating Temp (°C)
15 ~ 32
Operating Voltage (VAC)
85 ~ 264

* A sech2 pulse shape (convolution factor of 0.65) is used to determine the pulse width for the second harmonic autocorrelation trace Due to our continuous improvement program, specifications are subject to change without notice
** The 515 nm and 343 nm are second harmonic and third harmonic of 1030 nm. They are available and can be in collinear output.

Mendocino: High Power Femtosecond Fiber Laser Bench Top FPL-05 has higher repetition rate and 1 to 5 Watt output at 1.0 or 1.5 µm wavelengths.

Carmel: compact fiber lasers (CFL) offer > 500 mW average power @780 nm, < 100fs typical pulse width, and 50 MHz repetition rate in an ultra-compact package.

"Calmar's products have continued to perform well, even after several years, and are much lower maintenance than our other mode-locked lasers"

David J. McCormick